The Sower's Banquet

This Year, our 8 acre rendering in corn and dirt is of Jean François Millet’sThe Sower‘ besieged by, counterclockwise from top right, a murder of crows, the winds of Aeolius, a giant locust, a brazen woodchuck, and a thieving raccoon. Hence we have titled the maze The Sower’s Banquet. Ah, the joys of agriculture! Not familiar with the original painting? The Sower is part of MFA Boston’s Collection.

Embracing the Spirit of the sower, this year’s maze celebrates the Neolithic Revolution, and the end of our paleolithic lifestyles. We salute agriculture, and all the wonders of civilization farming has made possible!

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This wonderful maze created by Will Sillin and Mike Wissemann.

Mike's-Maze, Local-Farms, Art, Sunderland, Mass