Member to Member Deals

Local Member to Member Deals

If your member business would like to offer a discount to other PVLF members, please be in touch.

1. The first of these deals is by our member Jagfly Hosting who is offering a 10% ongoing discount for any PVLF members.

2. Tower Theaters Member to Member Business Deal

40% off our 12-month screen advertising package.

30% off our 6-month screen advertising package.

25% off the cost of a theater rental for a private party or business meeting.

Why advertise on-screen at Tower Theaters? Screen advertising increases awareness and generates revenue opportunities from consumers who live and work in the area where you do business. Annually, Tower Theaters’ sees over 35,000 people come through its doors. Screen advertising allows you to:

  • Target multiple demographics with just one investment.
  • Advertise to consumers who live in the same area where you do business.
  • Display your ad to a captive audience with minimal competitive clutter.
  • Present your ad on a big screen in a relaxed atmosphere, which delivers your message with higher recall than traditional media. Your ad will repeat several times before the film screens. Repetition builds reputation. Please click here for more details.

3. From Valley Free Radio, 103.3 FM

15% off our general underwriting packages for 3 months.
25% off our general underwriting packages for 6 months.
35% off our general underwriting packages for 1 year.
For more information on underwriting with Valley Free Radio, see:
4. All PVLF members who wish to advertise in this year's Hidden Hills of Western Massachusetts Map and / or get $25 OFF from the regular rates. That means $124 (reg. $149) for the full Map/Website package, or $70 (reg. $95) for a web-only sponsorship. Call Dave at 413.532.6440 or email
5. Simple Linen and Diaper – offering 10% services for members. Please see their website at
6. The Laundry Club is offering a $20 discount off your first Wash/Dry/Fold order for your business. To receive this initial discounted rate mention your business is a member of PVLF. Please see our website and please call Pete at 413-219-5895. Thanks!