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The topic of Local, Living Economies is attracting a lot of interest both locally and across North America. Numerous books and articles have been published on the topic of local, independent businesses and what businesses are doing to go green and become more sustainable. Please see below:

Pioneer Valley Local First in the News

Northampton Becomes the 6th Fair Trade Town in the USA


Making a Profit and a Difference, New York Times Business Section, October 5, 2006, by Glen Rifkin

"Small-Marts" Take on Wal-Mart, Fortune/CNNMoney.com, August 30, 2006, by Marc Gunther

Local Businesses Counter Corporate Rule,YES! Magazine, Spring 2006, by Merrian Fuller

About BALLE principles

A Table For Six Billion, Please Judy Wicks on her Plan to Change the World One Restaurant At a Time by David Kupper

In Oregon, Thinking Local, New York Times, January 4, 2006, by Marian Burros

Living Economies issue, YES! Magazine, Fall 2002

Independents' Day, Inc. Magazine, August 2002, by Kate O'Sullivan

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New Retail Study on San Francisco!

Local First
San Francisco Chronicle, May 16, 2007, by Michael Shuman

Local Merchants Reinvest in City, Their Study Says
San Francisco Chronicle, May 3, 2007, by Ilana DeBare

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10 Percent Shift, Revolutionizing The Way You Shop!

Leave No Child Inside from Orion Magazine

Video Of a Speech by Van Jones

Women Build Businesses Their Way
New York Times, July 12, 2007, by Marci Alborher

Frontline Video on Fair Trade Flowers

A number of books have been featured at BALLE Conferences. Purchase these books at your local, independent bookstore! To find the independent bookstores near you, go to:www.booksense.com

  • The Company We Keep - Reinventing Small Business for People, Community, and Place. By John Abrams
  • The Great Turning - From Empire to Earth Community. By David Korten
  • The Small-Mart Revolution - How Local Businesses are Beating the Global Competition. By Michael Shuman
  • Going Local by Michael Shuman
  • Hometown Advantage, by Staci Mitchell