Hampshire Purchasing Coop

Who are we?
The Hampshire Purchasing Cooperative is a division of the Hampshire Council of Governments.
What do we do?
The Hampshire Purchasing Cooperative facilitates commerce between local businesses, non-profits, and government entities. Our mission is to provide the best deals for the people of Hampshire, Berkshire, Franklin, and Hampden counties and by doing so, to help stimulate the local economy. We use our extensive contacts and huge buying power to get big savings for our customers. Every year we save our purchasers $700,000 to $800,000 on over $6 million in goods and services: money that goes right back into the local economy.
We have 34 years of experience saving money for our clients. These valuable funds that are freed up by bulk purchasing can be redirected to improve core services or to innovate. If you think your organization could benefit from some extra money in your budget then contact us for a free estimate and learn what we can do to save you money.
Work with Us
The Hampshire Purchasing Cooperative is beneficial to local businesses, local non-profits, and government entities alike. Suppliers benefit from access to our municipal contacts which allow them to amplify their reach into new markets that make bulk purchases. Conversely, our clients reap the rewards of large-scale purchasing at a discounted price, and get the opportunity to support local industry.
In addition to our buying power, we are able to assist purchasers by acting as a liaison between them and the contracted vendors. We will work on behalf of our members to ensure that the quality of goods and services is high, and we will work to resolve any disputes with regard to pricing or fulfillment.
Products and Services
We are proud to be able to offer significant discounts on the following items:
• School Supplies and Services
o Arts & Crafts Supplies
o Bread
o General School & Classroom Supplies
o Food & Cafeteria Products
o Ice Cream
o Milk
• Office Supplies and Services
o General Office Supplies
o Printing & Copying Services
o Printer and Fax Toner
o Audio/Visual Repair
o Typewriter Repair
o Copier Machine Supplies
• Highway and Public Works Supplies and Services
o Hot-mix Asphalt
o Cold Patch
o Culvert Pipe
o Fire Extinguisher Services
o Reclamation
o Peaston/Traprock/Gravel
o Road Crack Sealing
o Snow Plow and Grader Blades
o Guard Rail Installation
o Stone Seal
o Street Sweeping
o Line Painting
o Water Treatment Chemicals
o Liquid Asphalt
o Winter Salt and Ice Control Products
o Milling
o Catch Basin Cleaning
o Hot in-place Asphalt Recycling
• Fuels
o Diesel
o Gasoline
o Heating Fuel Oil
• Medical Supplies
o Emergency Medical Supplies

Interested? Contact Us
Check out our page on the Hampshire Council of Governments' website, www.hampshirecog.org/purchasing or call us at (413) 584-1300.