Gold Circuit E-Cycling

Gold Circuit E-Cycling

Gold Circuit E-Cycling

Address: Ludlow Industrial Center, 100 State St. #123
Town: Ludlow, MA 01056
Telephone: (413) 328-3187
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Milliions of tons of obselete computers, cellphones, CRT televisions and monitors and other electronics will be dumped into our landfills every year, polluting our earth, our waters, and our air. There must be a better solution for this ewaste. 

It is our mission at Gold Circuit E-Cycling to provide the absolute best solution for residents, schools, businesses, and municipalities to handle the ewaste stream the way it should be handled. Responsible Recycling. Detailed tracking of assets, and weights. Absolute data destruction from hard drives physically or logically via US Department of Defense Sanitizing (DOD 5220.22-M). Complete sortation and teardown of ewaste right down to the component level, and finally, working within our downstream partners to provide a strictly domestic and regulated closed loop recycling process, giving every one of our customers a truly worry free solution from the moment the product exchanges hands.

We hold ourselves and our downstream vendors to the highest standards. We are proud to model our business and partner only with R2 Certified, or e-Stewards Recyclers. "R2 is the leading standard for the electronics recycling industry setting a high bar for practices that protect the environment, human health, safety and the security of the recycling process." 

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Drop Off Hours are from 8am-4pm, Mon - Fri, and from 8am-12pm on Sat.  

With the proven leadership of over 10 years in the industry, our business model enables us to keep costs down for the customer while responsibly recycling all materials, and keeping your data secure. 

All electronics recyclers are NOT created equal. By bringing your computers & electronics to us, you can be sure you are doing the right thing.