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Abound Design

Abound Design

Address: 4 Jackson Hill Road
Town: Leverett, MA 01054
Telephone: (413) 374-3438
Web site: http://abounddesign.com/

Abound provides landscape design, consulting and installation services. Our approach is rooted in perspective and expertise drawn from landscape architecture, horticulture, permaculture, organic agriculture and ecology. We craft landscapes that enrich the well-being of individuals, community and habitat.

We achieve this by cultivating holistic qualities in the landscape, creating environments that are sustainable and harmonious. This manifests in many ways, a few examples of which are, beauty, food, ecosystem health, contemplative space and medicine.

Abound works with residential, commercial and non-profit clients.


Our design services are available for projects ranging in scale from large to small – from master planning to planter design. A few examples of our services include (but are not limited to): building siting, sacred space, permaculture, ecological and historic restoration. Projects that require the unique skills and abilities offered by Abound tend to be the best fit.


We install many of our designs and specialize in construction. Some of the work we do includes (but is not limited to): planting a wide range of plants with a focus on low-maintenance, native perennials, trees and shrubs. We build stone patios and walls and water gardens, renovate existing gardens, build roof gardens and create edible landscapes as well as native meadows.


As consultants, we work with clients to create stronger integration with the landscape. This can range from managing a residential construction site to counseling institutions about ecologically sound strategies. Our focus on integration – coupled with our experience – gets unique, effective results. Some areas that our consulting services cover are: sustainability planning, site assessment, project management, graywater/septic and permaculture, to name a few.


Owen Wormser is a visionary landscape designer and artist of the natural world, whose gardens at once invite and enable human beings to inhabit nature. Every step in moving through a garden by Abound Design offers an extraordinarily diverse array of vistas to appreciate. Owen's work celebrates the interdependent beauty of life in the natural world. Across the seasons, the garden's consciously constructed beauty paradoxically embodies the spontaneity of multiple forms and stages of life, never the same from one hour or day or month to the next. Inhabiting a garden by Abound Design refreshes my awareness and appreciation of what it means to be alive on the face of the earth.
-Naomi Miller

Creating sustainable landscapes and enriching individuals, communities and ecosystems across New England