Members Only Exclusive Deal Offered by Tower Theaters of South Hadley

Tower Theaters’ Discounts for PVLF Members

Tower Theaters is pleased to offer a discount on both screen advertising and private theater rentals to all PVLF Member businesses.

Screen Advertising:

For 12 month screen ads, we offer a 40% discount off of the $150 per month cost.

For 6 month screen ads, we offer a 30% discount off of the $175 per month cost.

Why advertise on-screen at Tower Theaters? Screen advertising increases awareness and generates revenue opportunities from consumers who live and work in the area where you do business. Annually, Tower Theaters’ sees over 35,000 people come through its doors. Screen advertising allows you to:

  • Target multiple demographics with just one investment.
  • Advertise to consumers who live in the same area where you do business.
  • Display your ad to a captive audience with minimal competitive clutter.
  • Present your ad on a big screen in a relaxed atmosphere, which delivers your message with higher recall than traditional media.

Your ad will repeat several times before the film screens. Repetition builds reputation.  Purchasing long-term slide advertising exposure generates brand awareness for your business and delivers the best results.

Tower Theaters is perfectly placed to have a diverse yet localized and targeted audience that is ideal for your business advertising efforts.

Private Theater Rental:

We offer a 30% discount to PVLF member businesses on morning theater rental rates of $200. Events may start as early as 8 AM and must wrap up by 12:00 PM.

We offer a 25% discount to PVLF member businesses on evening theater rental rates of $250.  Theaters are available for evening rental on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night from September through May. Events may commence at 8:30 PM and can run up to three hours.

Please note: private screenings of current films are not eligible for discount. Discounts apply to private events screening their own content.

Why host an event at Tower Theaters?

We completed our conversion from film to digital projection in 2011. Each of our two theater are equipped with high quality, digital cinema projection systems, Xpand 3D technology and dolby surround sound. With the installation of new floors and luxury seating in 2012, we now offer a fully modern cinema experience.

For parties, we can arrange the back of the theater with tables and chairs for cake and presents. We can screen one of our current features or your own content. You can use our stage for live music, bring in a DJ, play games, your own music or a slide show. Whatever you can imagine, we will help you plan a successful event.

For meetings, there is a PA system and stage available for presentations. You can supply your own content in the form of audio or video, or we can connect your computer to the big screen to run presentation packages such as KeyNote or PowerPoint.

Private Events We Host Include:

  • Birthday Parties
  • DJ Dance Parties
  • Movie Themed Parties
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Bridal Showers
  • Business Meetings
  • School Field Trips
  • Focus Groups
  • Employee Appreciation Nights

All private events include a staffed lobby and open concessions. Concession bundles are available for parties of 10 or more. We can also arrange simple party platters or more elaborate appetizer buffets.

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